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At Miracle Village we strive to cultivate a warm and loving family environment. We want our residents to feel at home and enjoy their independence.  This is why we have put together a team of energetic and courteous professionals.  

The Village Team

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Katrina Harvey

Residential Manager

Ms. Katrina Harvey is not new to Miracle Village. She previously worked at Miracle Village as the Administrative Assistant from June 2010 - August 2011. In May 2011, Ms. Harvey received her Certified Occupancy Specialist certificate. Thereafter, she was blessed with an opportunity to become the Site Manager at Palm City Garden Apartments in Fort Myers, FL. There she managed 100 202/Section 8 units. She has also served as an Administrative Assistant, Disc Village; Public Relations Director, Innovative Health Care Management Services; and Resident Monitor at Keeton Corrections, Inc. Ms. Harvey received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Barry University in December, 2010.

Mrs. Agatha Muse-Lamb

Management Agent

Mrs. Lamb has worked years in local and state government. She has served as the City Manager for Midway Florida and the Town Manager of Pembroke Park Pembroke Park, Florida. Her experience also include working for the State of Florida and the Tallahassee Urban League. Mrs. Lamb has worked in public service positions for over 40 years. She brings an array of management experience to Miracle Village.

Mrs. Lamb is a member of St. Luke Primitive Baptist Church in Midway, Florida. She is the wife of Bishop Willie D. Lamb Sr. and the proud mother of one daughter Mrs. Valencia Jenkins and been blessed with three additional children Mr. Willie D. Lamb, Jr., Mrs. Dana Gilcrease, and Ms. Nadia S. Lamb. She is a very proud grandmother.

Ms. Patricia Davis

On-Site Monitor

My name is Patricia Davis and I have been working at Miracle Village as an On-Site Monitor for 7 months. I also work as a Nurse Tech for 34 years which I really enjoy doing and I’m planning on furthering my education in nursing. I was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida the youngest of nine siblings. I stepped out of the box working as an On-Site Monitor at Miracle Village, but what I can say is that the job is a great opportunity and the experience is different.

Patrece Broadenax

Assistant Residential Manager

Hello, I serve as the Assistant Residential Manager at Miracle Village Complex.  I enjoy working at a place that is God fearing, passionate about caring for others and enthusiastic about reaching back to help others. My time here has afforded me the opportunity to learn more about senior living, their day-to-day wants and needs, which helps me to understand them on a different level and help me to relate with them more.

Having a background in nursing, I have dealt with the senior population on that level but to have the opportunity to see how they function and explore living at this age has been rewarding, fun, and exciting.

Keith Gavin

Maintenance Mechanic

Hi. I I'm Keith. I have been the Maintenance Mechanic for 3 years at Miracle Village Complex. I enjoy using my skills of plumbing, painting, drywall, repairs, etc. to make Miracle Village a pleasant and safe environment for the staff, tenants, and guest. I take pride in serving the tenants doing my part to make their latter days the best days of their life.

Beverly Jefferson

Service Coordinator

Hello. I have been employed at Miracle Village for nearly 4 years. I initially served as the Assistant Management Agent. Approximately two years ago I had the wonderful opportunity to serve as the Service Coordinator. This positions affords me the opportunity to meet and serve all residents of Miracle Village. I advocate for the tenants and assist them in resolving issues that they encounter. I enjoy working at Miracle Village with the residents and staff. My tenure in this position has afforded me the opportunity to learn more about senior independent living, and their day-to-day wants and needs. The services provided by my office assist residents in living an independent life as long as possible.


Assistant Management Agent